Want to Apply for Credentials?
    If you would like to be a part of PFAI, print out the application,           fill it out and mail it to the address located on the bottom of the           form with a current photo.

   Click here and the application will open in another window from        which you can print it.

Application for Credentials with Pentecostal Faith Assemblies, Inc.

Name:___________________________________________________________________                                                                          First/Middle/Last


Phone:________________________________ Cell:_______________________________

Email:________________________________ Social Security:________________________


Date of Birth:______________________ Place of Birth:_____________________________

This application is for (check one):
Christian Worker (     )        License to Preach (     )        Ordination to the Gospel Ministry (     )
Church or ministry affiliation (     )

Have you read our Statement of Faith? (located on website and available in print upon request)  
Yes (     )  No (     )

Do you agree with the Statement of Faith?  Yes (     )  No (     )
If you do not agree, please tell us on a separate sheet of paper which articles you disagree 
with and why.

Do you now hold, or have you held in the past, ministerial credentials with any other Church 
or Organization?   Yes (     )    No (     )
If Yes, please list them below along with whom and when they were issued. Are they still valid?

Are you a member of a local church?  Yes (     )  No (     )

Church name: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

        Church Address: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                          

Pastor's Name: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

        Pastor's Address --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

        Pastor's Phone: ---------------------------------------  Email: --------------------------------------

1.   Give a brief personal testimony, including details of your salvation, church membership, 
baptism in water and baptism in the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in other 
tongues. Include in this testimony an account of your calling to the Gospel Ministry.

2. Please give us information about your family life. Are you married?  Yes (     )  No (     )  
    If yes, please give spouse's name and how many years you've been married.   

    Divorced? Yes (     )  No (     )   
    Do you have children? Give names and ages.

3.  Give a detailed history of your education; high school through college or seminary, giving school’s name, dates enrolled, diplomas and/or degrees received. Also, include any correspondence courses which are applicable to your ministerial calling. (Applicants without any theological education may be required to take some course of study before receiving license or ordination).

4. Give three personal references, their addresses, phone numbers and relationship to you.  
Do not use your husband/wife or children as a reference.  Also, a husband and wife couple 
cannot be used as two different references.

Pentecostal Faith Assemblies, Inc. recognizes the five-fold ministerial callings of Ephesians 4:11. To which of these ministries do you feel that God has called you? (Please check the appropriate boxes).

(     ) Apostle   (     ) Prophet   (     ) Evangelist   (     ) Pastor   (     ) Teacher

(     ) Missionary   (     ) Other_______________________________________________

By signing this application, I testify that everything I have written therein is the truth to the best of my knowledge. I also testify that I agree with and will abide by the Constitution and By-Laws 
of Pentecostal Faith Assemblies, Inc. including paying monthly dues and submitting a quarterly report of ministerial activities.

________________________________________         ___________________________
   Signature                   Date

Please mail this completed application with a recent photo of yourself to:

Bishop Scottie Jackson
Pentecostal Faith Assemblies, Inc.
P.O. Box 84
Colonial Beach, Virginia 22443

Pentecostal Faith Assemblies, Inc.
Need to Renew Credentials for 2017?

Click here to download the Renewal Form.