Pentecostal Faith Assemblies, Inc.

Kenya Crusade - October 2010
The Team
Our Hosts: Bishop & Mrs. Charles Magaga
Sis Cynthia Stepney and Bro John Bailey ministering in seminars thru interpretor.
Bishop Jackson and Bishop Magaga
Sis Louise Thompson and Sis Kim Frye ministering in seminars.

Sis Susie Lewis and Bro Troy Mooney ministering in seminar through an interpretor.
Sis Gwen Jones ministering thru interpretor.   Bishop Magaga introducing a local pastor
Bishop Jackson and Pastor Adams praying for and anointing Bishop Charles Magaga
Kenyan ministers to receive License and Ordination papers to preach the gospel.
Sis Gwen Craven and Pastor Valarie Harris ministering in seminar thru interpretor.
Pastor James Miklos ministering in seminar.
Pastor Miklos and Bishop Jackson
Pentecostal Faith Assemblies Church in Kiserian.
Team members going to the crusade ... greeting the people.
Ministering to the children.
John Bailey ministering in Crusade thru interpreter.