Pentecostal Faith Assemblies, Inc.
Pentecostal Faith Bible College

The Pentecostal Faith Bible College is formally organized with a Board of Directors
as the educational arm of Pentecostal Faith Assemblies, Inc.

The Pentecostal Faith Bible College is deeply committed to providing both quality Bible college programs for lay Christian workers and seminary training 
for experienced ministers.

      It is open to all Christians of good moral character who:
  • have a high school diploma or GED certificate
  • can demonstrate they have the capacity for doing the required work
  • agree with PFAI's Statement of Faith found on this website
  • abide by our Conduct Standards (below)
  • fill out application and submit the appropriate fees

Pentecostal Faith Bible College is a religious institution exempt from state 
regulation and oversight in the Commonwealth of Virginia.
Conduct Standards

  We subscribe to the highest christian standards and expect our students      to also reflect high moral and spiritual standards of living.

  Students must be sincerely dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ.

  Students must be living holy in all areas of life.  Homosexuality, adultery,       fornication and all uncleanness are prohibited.

  Students should be free of all substance abuse:  alcohol, tobacco, and         drugs.

  Gambling, profanity, excessive anger, and violence are beneath Scriptural      stands for the Saints of God.

  Students must manifest Christ in their physical appearance: attitude,            deportment and dress.

  Students need to be part of a good local church for regular fellowship,           worship and accountability.

 The Board of Directors reserves the right to reject any student that we have   good reason to believe is failing to live up to these standards.

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                 an application.


$50 Application Fee

$250 Tuition per semester 
Bible College Official Catalog

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      catalog of courses offered and explanation of
why and how you can further your education 
through Pentecostal Faith Bible College.